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Military Service equipping, physical. Armour Forty Thousand And Up. Arrows Throwing Stones equipping, physical. Slings Stones Left Handed. Deer Fast Runners. Commander eagerness. Maturity, Physical Readiness. Three To Nine Hundred Thousand. Shame Has Come Disorganization. Being Strong Naked In Shame. Nakedness Bravery. Walled Towns People Made Perfect. Head covering Armory Helmets. Earthly Armies Source Of Honour. He had more volunteers than he needed, so he had to choose between them.

God instructed him to choose the men who drank from a stream by lying full-length and lapping at the water. Perhaps because of their physical and psychological fighting capacity. After his victory over the Midianites Gideon returned to Succoth and tortured the elders of the city, because they had refused to give him and his men the provisions they needed. Retribution and enforcement were necessary in this harsh situation, Gideon believed.

The men of Israel asked Gideon to become their king, but he refused because, as he said, Israel should have only one king, God. He then returned home and lived to a ripe old age.

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Maccabees 1 tells the story of the Hasmonean Revolt. The book describes the Jewish struggle for independence and the rebellion against idolatry. The rebellion began when a member of the Hasmonean family, Mattathias, refused to offer sacrifice to a pagan god and then struck down a Jewish man who had done just that.

To escape imprisonment, he fled to the Gophna hills, together with his five warrior sons. After Matthias died, he was succeeded by his son Judas Maccabeus Judah the Hammer , a guerrilla genius who developed a model of underdog warfare. Many of his followers were inspired by the idea of religious martyrdom — something which influenced the Jewish and Christian faiths for many centuries.

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Judas was not tolerant of Hellenization, not tolerant at all. He did everything he could to crush and destroy Greek-inspired ideas and culture, including murdering many Jews who had become Hellenized. He also died fighting.

The Old Testament Figures Hidden Behind the Annunciation

The last surviving brother Simon did what had seemed impossible — he created and ruled a free Jewish state, the first for four and a half centuries. Jephtah started behind the eight-ball. But the wheel turned. When war loomed for the Israelites he was courted by the very people who had thrown him out. They knew his prowess as a fighter, and they needed his help.

His story would have been forgotten had not Jephtah, just prior to the battle, bargained with God. If he won, he told God, he would offer a sacrifice of the first living thing that ran to greet him when he returned home. What he did not foresee was that the thing that ran out towards him was his only child, a daughter whom he adored. The Mesha Stele. There is no doubt that Omri was one of the great military commanders of the ancient world, but we know tantalizingly little about him. This is because of his religious policies — he allowed his subjects to worship whatever god they chose, so the Bible has shown him in an unfavorable light, hardly mentioning him.

In fact, he was a strong military commander who made a play for the throne after the previous king, Zimri, was killed. Ivory plaque from the site of the Ivory House in Samaria.


This dynasty prospered for over forty years — not much by modern standards, but a stand-out success at the time. A man of energy and vision, he also began building a new capital city for his country at Samaria. It outshone anything Jerusalem could produce, putting the Temple-based priesthood in second place. So they simple ignored it when they came to record events. Ancient wall relief. The battle chariots of Ahab were similar, carrying an archer and a driver.

Ahab is one of the most underrated kings of the Old Testament. He was a warrior as well as a diplomat — he had to be, because Ben-Hadad the king of Damascus engaged him in three separate wars. Ahab led a coalition of twelve kings who fought Shalmaneser at the Battle of Qarqar in Syria , one of the great battles of the ancient world. Ahab provided 10, infantry and 2, chariots — or at least that is what the records show.

The numbers may have been smaller. But the fact remains that Ahab led a coalition of kings in a major battle of the ancient world, and he won. Details of the battle appear on the inscriptions of the Syrian king as well as in the Bible. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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The history of the Jewish people is one of constant struggle and military conflict. This volume tells the exciting yet violent stories of four great leaders from the pages of the Bible. Three were champions of Israel, whilst the other was one of its greatest oppressors. Throughout, Biblical accounts are compared and contrasted dramatically with historical fact and likeliho The history of the Jewish people is one of constant struggle and military conflict.

Old Testament Battles and Warriors Project

Throughout, Biblical accounts are compared and contrasted dramatically with historical fact and likelihood. There is a wealth of fascinating detail on the military campaigns, battles, weaponry and the armed conflict covering some thirteen hundred years of Bible history. The events and personalities are fully illustrated by more than line drawings, maps and photographs, and captured dramatically in 16 exciting colour paintings.