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The customization process for Mac users is nearly identical.


Choose your categories by clicking on "Select Categories," then change the spending amounts in the main view. While you're in "Graph View," categories will be accompanied by bars of various colors. Understanding these colors will allow you to get an overall sense of your financial progress with just a glance. In short, green means you're sticking to your budget , and red means you've slipped up, but you can glean more than that from the color bars.

Quicken Budgeting Tutorial

Grey bars, for example, indicate a lack of activity. It means you either haven't made any money or spent any money in that area depending on whether it's an expense or income category. The color bar next to categories can also contain light green or light red segments. These colors indicate the expectation of an expense or income. You can use these warnings to prepare for bill payments or plan upcoming expenses to fit around your paydays. Budget categories default to rigid amounts that reset every month, but you can change that by enabling rollover categories.

See a Problem?

To set a rollover category, select the desired category then look for the rollover icon. The default should look like two gray arrows crossing as they extend to the right. That icon indicates that rollover budgeting is off. To turn it on, simply click it, then select whether you want to roll over all amounts or only positive balances left in the category at the end of the month. The two options have slightly different icons, but both will turn the arrows green instead of gray.

Windows Tips for Quicken 2014 Users

While having a detailed breakdown of your spending is certainly helpful, you may also benefit from setting up category groups to simplify your display. For instance, you may not need to know exactly how much you spent on gas versus insurance payments versus car loan payments. You could instead set up an "Auto" category group that tracks these related expenses in a simplified group.

This makes it easier to quickly take stock of your financial progress without getting deep into the weeds of your finances. To set up a category group for Mac or Windows, you must first open up the tools menu. From there, select options, then select "Assign Category Groups. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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Nelson provides you with a helpful introduction to all the latest features and enhancements to Quicken and shares expert advice on managing your bills; reconciling bank accounts online; recording credit card and other transactions; tracking investments, mortgages and other assets and liabilities; and more. Walks you through installing and setting up Quicken, maintaining your financial information safely on a computer, setting a budget, and creating financial reportsHighlights ways to save money for college or retirement, minimize taxes, and maintain detailed financial recordsZeroes in on paying bills online; managing mutual funds, stocks, and bonds; and keeping track of loans and other debtsPresents a fun and friendly approach to a topic that many people find intimidating or overwhelming.

Whether you're a first-time Quicken customer or looking to take advantage of the latest updates the new version has to offer, "Quicken For Dummies" will help you get your personal finances in order in no time. If it was , you'd receive a copy of this book in your box remember those!

Quicken 2014 Product Overview

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