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Mechanics: Kinematics and Dynamics

Little Light. Giants in the Forest. Acceleration 14m. Relating Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement 4m. Relative Motion 4m. Week 2 Test 12m. Lesson 3. Week 3 Study Aids 10m. Projectiles, Falling Vertically Under Gravity 14m. Combining Vertical and Horizontal Motion 14m.

Mechanics, Part 2

Trajectories and Range 6m. Uniform Circular Motion 4m.

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Week 3 Test 18m. Video 7 videos. Lesson 4. Historical Interlude 3m. The Syllogism 1m. Week 4 Study Aids 10m. Newton's Laws of Motion 12m. Inertial and Non-inertial Frames 14m. Newton's Third Law 12m. Calculating Total Force 18m.


Practice Problems 6m. Week 4 Test 26m. Show More. Lesson 5. Week 5 Study Aids 10m. Weight versus Mass 6m. Springs and Hooke's Law 6m. Normal and Frictional Forces 4m. Friction Problems 4m. Week 5 Test 26m. Lesson 6. Week 6 Study Aids 10m. What is Work? Work and Kinetic Energy 6m.

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Work and Potential Energy 10m. Energy Conservation 4m. Energy, Work and Power 20m.

Week 6 Test 24m. Lesson 7. Week 7 Study Aids 10m. Momentum and Collisions 8m. Impulse and More About Collisions 4m. Centre of Mass, Elastic and Inelastic Collisions 4m. Problems Involving Collisions 6m.

Mechanics | Definition of Mechanics by Merriam-Webster

Week 7 Test 18m. Lesson 8. Another Historical Interlude 4m. Week 8 Study Aids 10m.