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If you could not be an author, what would like to do as a career? As you can see, these career choices offer about the same prospects for fame and fortune as writing fiction! Practicality was never my strong suit…. Thinking she might be able to learn more about her absent mother, she heads to County Mayo where she finds herself involved in an unexplained death. Young Matthew Sumner had been working on the Abbey Restoration on Clare Island recreating the drawings and other art works belonging to the church.

Irate over this treatment of Matthew, Star remembers how. While in Ireland she discovers, Dylan's aunt Georgina and several of his close friend who are determined to keep her in Ireland. Other than her business, she has no one back in the US and maybe staying in Ireland would be a good thing.

She is torn and blocks that decision out of her mind as she investigates Matthew's death. When a second death occurs, Star knows her investigation is making headway, but needs to be sure she is not the third victim. The brooding cliffs and the wild sea set the atmosphere for a tense mystery. Labels: Ireland - Martha Geaney. Monday, September 16, Murder in the First Edition. Labels: Massachusetts - Lauren Elliott. Friday, September 13, Stealing the Scream.

CEO Percival Davenport decides to retire and finds himself wondering what to do with his life. In Stealing the Scream by Theodore Carter , Percival returns to his art history roots and dives into being an artist with both feet. Stealing the Scream well be released by Run Amok on September His painting lessons improve his technique and before long he is painting like a professional.

Percival holds a show but the critics call his work good, but more the style of a copyist than and originalist. He decides to prove them wrong and hires someone to break into famous museums and hang his paintings in their galleries. He also begins his obsession with Edvard Munch's "The Scream". It takes a diligent security guard at the Met to try to piece together what is going on.

When he calls attention to the painting in the Met, the curator is so embarrassed, he offers Leonard, the guard, the painting. Leonard has soon amassed a collection of Percival Davenport originals that had been hanging in various museums. Now he sets out to find the artist and discover what is really going on.

Stealing the Scream is an imaginative story of artists and their obsessions and without giving too much away, The Scream is actually stolen.

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Labels: England - Theodore Carter. Thursday, September 12, Flour in the Attic.

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Labels: California - Winnie Archer. Wednesday, September 11, Interview with Barbara Barrett. Each of the Barbara Barrett titles in this series includes a mah jongg term. In the game, there are four sets of tiles named after the winds, East, West, North and South. I have also published 11 contemporary romance novels and two contemporary romance novellas. The series takes place in central Florida in the fictional town of Serendipity Springs. This is where I learned how to play Mah Jongg when I first retired, just like my four protagonists. I like being able to create my own characters and my own story.

As an indie author these days, I have. Tuesday, September 10, Mumbo Gumbo Murder. Monday, September 9, Fiddling with Fate. Labels: Norway - Kathleen Ernst. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Now, do you wish to say anything? Joel [as Jorn] : Yeah. Do you know Elmer Fudd? Valeria : Vewy well.

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Towque, go now. Daffy Duck? Crow : Gutter head. Moon Zero Two [ edit ] [Joel and the Bots enter the theater as the animated credits play.

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Joel : Yeah. Servo : Really bad music already, this is great. Servo : Is this a Pink Panther movie? Servo : Why would they use cartoons? Joel : Uh, so astronauts could understand them.

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Servo : [dubiously] Ah. Kemp : He's probably waiting at Moon City. Clementine : Mmm, that's what the man said. Kemp] : Don't you listen to what the man says. Korminski, isn't it? Your engineer? What nationality is he? Servo [as Farmhand] : Well, that's my brother-cousin. He likes sody-pop. This is how their image of prison is.

Jane : Penny went up to the boss's house, and she's still there!

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And it doesn't take an hour and a half to sing a song. Crow : Maybe it's Aida. Bob Steele : That's the worst part about it — she… she dies in a strange place without friends or anybody, and nobody even knows her name. Crow : She shoulda died at Cheers — then everyone woulda known her name. Joel : What in the world does that mean? Servo : I don't wanna know. The Black Scorpion [ edit ] [Images of the erupting volcano are followed by onlookers watching the spectacle. Joel : Guys, get out of the way! That's why you're dying!

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Narrator : … having reached a height of 9, feet within a few days… Servo [as Narrator] : And then tragedy struck — we ran out of stock footage! Maybe we can get some water up there.

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  5. Artur : Also, I'd like to save those two bottles of beer. Let me dip it in water first. Joel : Hey, it's Dale Evans, and I thought she was stuffed! Crow : Only mounted. Velazco reviews their situation.