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Everything She Ever Wanted

You were sleeping sound as I lie next to you. I had to wake you for a moment just to whisper I love you.

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I want it all but we keep falling down. But if anything. She knows that He's all she ever wanted is she all he ever needs.

All She Ever Wanted

Im sure he will disappoint you cause its part of his routine. He's all she ever wanted is she all he ever need and im sure he will find a way to disappoint you but he's all she ever wanted. I tried to make sense of that morning the way I looked inside your room.

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You were sleeping sound as I cried next to you. She knows that were falling down. Falling down. If anything she knows that He's all she ever wanted is she all he ever needs.

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Feeling like I care. Feeling like he's all she ever wanted, and all she ever needed.

Feeling like He's all she ever wanted is she all he ever needs. She is an only child and very shy and withdrawn but she is very close to her father who is a bit of a "jack the lad" sort of character, always out at the pub and very extrovert. He is always getting into fights and has a bad reputation with the ladies.

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Suddenly, he decides he hates living with his family and just goes off and leaves. Tina is very upset about this and withdraws into her shell and is often taunted at school by her fellow pupils, and bullied in general. The author traces the development of Tina through the years as she spends all her time in avoiding scrapes with the superior little 'madams' she has to study with.

Physically, she seems an ugly lanky child until in her early teens she discovers swimming and joins an after school club and rapidly improves her confidence by winning various competitions.