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With Sandy, who would have thought that fires would be an issue in hurricane rains and wind, yet we lost hundreds of homes to fire. So many people do not consider that as a valid option. Reblogged this on David A.

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It seems that turbulence and threats to our progress or existence are best served by getting to the essential stuff. Addressing turbulence involves driving the shades of gray from the black and white. Black and white are the values and reasons we exist — how and why we serve; and the essential skills we apply to get things done — leading, following, working together, executing skillfully. The gray that has to be driven out is the self serving interests and needs for power that emerge in all organizations. These are inevitable and important, but can overwhelm the black and white if they become dominant.

They cause turbulence. Seems to apply to lots of things today. Good post. Beautifully said, Glenn. Yes, sometimes the ship should sink. A while back, I put together a Coaching Situational Difficulty Rating form and did the same thing for the idea of facilitation of a group using the Whitewater I — VI ratings for rapids, using some of the metaphors about scouting and maneuvering that are required to be successful.

Buckle up for a turbulent ride through Broken Hands’ impressive debut concept album.

Turbulence can be FUN and interesting — a lot more engaging than simply floating on the lake. But it also needs some skills and preparation to stay right-side-up in all the chaos! ALL the turbulence can basically be run. Thanks again for being such a constant source of sound advice and common yet uncommon sense. Great post Dan. Being a lover of the sea no. Using the wind strategically can jump start you in the right direction if you know where you are going. Leaders need to be proficient at both I would say.

Physics of Turbulence

Tactics matter and calm seas and a starry sky can still create opportunity for reflection and preparation. Knowing how to set the sails is usually never learned well during the storm and the truth is there is never a similar Hurricane as Doc pointed out regarding Katrina and Sandy. Great post Dan, I love the nautical theme. I think at times the storm is a welcomed event as it can clear the deck of a poorly run vessel.

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    Embarking on a lifelong journey across the world, a razor-sharp academic delights in highly sensual encounters with the opposite sex. As each experience deepens his philosophy, he experiments on a quest for something more, suffering several hard landings along the way. But drink, ambition, and tragedy eventually send him down a bumpy path of self-destruction.

    ISBN 13: 9781937570323

    Will a determined man learn from his travels or will his hedonistic vision send him crashing down to earth? Turbulence — Love can be a bumpy ride is a rich and poignant literary novel. A series of sensual encounters. An epic journey that will either lead to destruction, enlightenment, or both. He has an academic background in the archaeology and ancient history of the Middle East and Central Asia, regions in which he has both travelled and worked extensively. McLaren received his doctorate in Middle Eastern Archaeology at the University of Sydney and published the first examination of the military architecture of Bronze Age Jordan in He has excavated at numerous sites across the Middle East, dating from the Neolithic to the Islamic Periods.

    Since he was a boy McLaren always wanted to write. A keen observer of the wide world around him and the experiences to be had therein, he felt an insatiable urge to convey the passions he felt through writing. Turbulence represents his first foray into the mysterious and magical world of contemporary fiction. Compared to the strictures of writing a doctoral dissertation, writing contemporary fiction, unfettered and free to let the imagination run wild, has been a true joy to him.

    Adventures in a New World

    A very unique novel: part philosophy, part history part travel adventure but deeply personal and seeringly honest Intelligent and humorous Turbulence is a deeply human adventure novel that dares to dive into the realms of erotica and inspirational romance. About the Book. A promising young academic flies off on an adventure, in search of romance, passion and love He loves exotic travel and alluring women, preferably together. This was a really enjoyable read and the author is truly brilliant. As he writes, he shares great knowledge of the past in a fun way, using his expertise as an archaeologist.

    The guy knows his stuff! His sense of humor and ability to describe people and places is phenomenal. I would highly recommend this for people looking for adventure with a taste of wit with a sensual overtone. How this book made me feel: When I got the request from the publisher to review this book, I was very impressed with how much the publisher believed in this book. I could feel her passion for this book, and I am very glad I agreed to read it. This book is a collection of twelve trips between different destinations and every story talks about his encounters with women. The main character is an archaeologist and this journey starts when he was 22 years old.

    Everything, from appearance, careers even destinations suggests this book to be somehow directly related to the author himself. Was it real encounters or fictional? I do love to learn new things and facts, especially if it is related to history, and for me, all these parts were an absolute joy to read.